Diesel Performance Enhancer

Available in these sizes:

Top Highlights

    • Restores lost fuel economy & power
    • Stabilizes fuel & prevents sludge
    • Cleans all fuel injectors


Woolsey® Diesel Performance Enhancer is formulated to remove and prevent fuel system deposits and corrosion, improve lubricity and cetane, and extend the shelf life up to two years.

Woolsey Diesel Performance Enhancer contains a unique detergent package that removes and prevents all types of deposits in injectors, combustion chambers and fuel filters, improving fuel economy, while restoring and maximizing engine performance.  Advanced corrosion inhibitors and lubricty improvers work together to coat and protect the entire fuel system against rust and premature wear which reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs. The addition of cetane improver reduces black smoke, provides easier starts and faster warm-ups along with a boost of up to three numbers. Powerful stabilizers protect from high temperature degradation, reduce sludge formation and extends the shelf life for up to two years during seasonal storage.

This product’s advanced technology can also be used in biodiesel blends to treat and prevent all the associated issues created by biodiesel. Biodiesel is harder to treat due to different wax packages, cold weather operation issues and higher water content.