Complete Gasoline Treatment

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Top Highlights

    • Maximizes power & fuel efficiency
    • Cleans fuel system components
    • Prevents ethanol related problems


Woolsey® Complete Gasoline Treatment is formulated with sophisticated additives to keep the engine & fuel system in like new condition. Continued use can maximize power, improve fuel economy, lower maintenance costs, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

With it’s unique formulation, Woolsey Complete Gasoline Treatment provides outstanding performance and maximum protection. It consists of special additives and inhibitors to coat and protect the entire fuel system against corrosion and the harmful effects of ethanol, in addition to dispersants that break down contaminants and excess water to prevent phase separation. This proprietary solution also consists of an exceptional detergent package that cleans performance hindering deposits from valves and injectors, and powerful antioxidants that extend the gasoline shelf life for up to two years during seasonal storage.

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